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AQ Accounting has the business experience to offer recruitment advice regarding Accounting roles, from defining the role, determining the right package to offer, wording and placing an ad, as well as help with screening and interviewing accounting candidates, right through to making the appointment, all for a very sensible and cost effective pre-quoted flat rate fee.

Before advertising, are you sure what you want from the new recruit? Do you have a job description to help focus on the qualities you need from the right candidate? Is there an opportunity to reorganise the duties of other team members BEFORE advertising for the new role? Defining the role correctly, especially if you do not have experience of recruiting for accounting staff, can require care.

Is the package on offer going to attract the right candidate? Looking at the skills required and the areas of impact on the business can help decide upon the right package to offer and influence the success of the appointment.

AQ Accounting can offer help with wording and placing an ad, even if you only want us to cast a quick eye over it before it is issued.

Screening replies and interviewing candidates can be a time consuming process and has to be a properly recorded and visibly objective process these days. AQ Accounting can conduct this process for you, whether as part of an overall recruitment package, or as a stand alone service to ensure you stand a good chance of getting the ideal candidate into the role, without taking your eye off the business ball.

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Please ring for a very sensible quotation.

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