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Bookkeeping and Accounts

Bookkeeping solutions                                                                                                                            (Please scroll down to see more)

You may (quite reasonably) think that any accountant will produce you a good set of accounts as an end product, but I'm afraid that is not so. The results - your accounts - will actually vary quite astonishingly. Misanalysed income and costs can be presented in a single basic format, used for all types of clients, meaning that your accounts are inaccurate, irrelevant and mean very little - poor value for money. Ultimately it comes down to care and attention. 

You will immediately find that AQ Accounting takes a pride in doing a good job. By understanding the things that drive your business, we present your income and costs in a way that reflects the reality of YOUR business, prompts discussion about your results and then brings about positive change - probably all for the same cost as the worst option, above. We believe our bookkeeping and accounts service is therefore excellent (perhaps unbeatable?) value for money.

We provide a high quality bookkeeping facility to small and medium sized businesses, which feeds back information to you on a monthly, or annual basis, whichever suits your needs and budget . 

Please ring to arrange a free, no-pressure, sensible discussion where we can discover your requirements and provide you with a free quote for a cost-effective solution.

Limited Companies and business Start-ups

Low cost, new business start up and limited company formation packages are our speciality, so please call us for details. We recognise that business owners need more help, information and advice in the early years before building up confidence and getting into the swing of things, so we do all we can to support this, viewing our relationship with you as a valuable long-term one that develops over time.

Management accounts

Management accounts are now increasingly required by banks as part of their security terms for loans or overdraft facilities. If you need to improve the quality of information you present to your bank, or step up to producing information on a more frequent basis, AQ Accounting's business expertise will get you through the process in a cost effective and common sense manner.

Year end accounts

We are able to supply sole traders, partnerships and limited companies with year end accounts, compliant with the current UK accounting standards. We deal with all of the online filing requirements for HMRC and Companies House on your behalf as part of our service.. 

Online Accounting solutions

Online Accounting solutions are not only now available, but they are one of the biggest trends in accounting today, offering you the convenience of access to your management information from home, or from anywhere in the world. Online solutions can also reduce expensive IT support requirements and remove large up front investment in software products, in lieu of a monthly subscription fee based upon "paying only for what you use". We see big benefits here for businesses of all sizes, but particularly for those who have little IT experience or support, and who do not want to invest large sums of money in admin at a time when their business is not large enough to justify it. Choosing the right product is important however and keeping an eye on the software having the required flexibility and being capable of handling your future needs is vital. AQ Accounting is comfortable discussing these options with you, from an independent viewpoint, having only your needs in mind.

Dashboard and real time reporting

Highly visual "dashboard" reports that bring all of the key data that drives your business onto one page, in as much real time as is required can be a revolutionary development for your business. Seeing all the information you value, in one place, with graphs and colour leading the eye straight towards areas that need attention is a powerful tool. Controlling and monitoring your business and the trends that are developing has never been more effective, or immediate, putting you firmly in control.


AQ Accounting offers much more than historic reporting. Please have a look around our website to see how our other services may help your business development.


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