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Business planning elements

Cashflow forecasting              Business Plans

Budgeting and staff motivation         Debt reduction

Cost saving, downsizing and redundancy      Stock management

Business Healthchecks          Restructuring options


Advice can start with something as simple as timing your year end to best suit a seasonal business pattern, but with over 20 years' "real-life" experience in the business arena, AQ Accounting is well placed to offer you a wide range of advice regarding strategic planning and cashflow management for your business.

Cashflow forecasting

How many times have you heard people say "cash is king"? It may be annoying, but it is usually true and having a cashflow forecast in place allows you to see where trouble spots are likely to occur. If you can see them coming, you have time to plan to combat them rather than just walking into problems. Bank managers get very frustrated by businesses that do not plan their cash adequately and however much they want to help you, they struggle to react at short notice, or work with weak financial data.

If you have a seasonal sales or cash pattern, or have have cause to expect occasional problems of a cash nature, a  proper cashflow forecast will be of great value, so please give us a call. We can arrange a completely confidential and free initial discussion to see what might be the best solution to match your circumstances and needs. 

Business Plans

In thinking about starting a new business, some kind of plan is essential in order to identify how much cash will be required to get all of the basics in place to get started. What a lot of people then overlook is to identify the additional cash required to run the business and even growing a business can be very cash-hungry, especially if growth comes in large chunks with customers requiring credit terms. AQ offers not simply a fixed plan that is almost immediately out of date and soon losing relevance, but a flexible planning tool that you can edit and keep fresh as your business dynamics change, so it remains a core tool in mapping your business' future.

Even if you have been in business for a while, it may help focus your ambition to develop a three or five year business plan as the definitive blueprint for the next phase in your business development. Define the right time for expansion, how and where to expand, when to appoint staff and identify the critical points for both cashflow and investment. Avoid firefighting and expensive knee-jerk reaction decision making. Seeing it all ahead of you by planning properly is incredibly powerful and allows you to derive maximum value from the best decisions, taken at the right times.

Business plans can be prepared to support grant claims, or to support funding requests. We can recommend several routes to finance for expansion or for new start businesses, so please ring for availability and for details, which do change frequently.

Budgeting and staff motivation

A one-year budget will set you and your staff targets to motivate and drive bonus schemes, rewarding them for getting the business into the kind of shape you want. Set it too high and everyone loses interest, actually getting demotivated, having a dangerous effect upon your business. If you may value an independent eye to help you set, or calibrate targets, please get in touch.

Debt reduction

Turning even just a percentage of your debtors into cash could be a critical factor in helping your business remain within its operating comfort levels. This does not mean stepping into a factoring arrangement, but may just involve an independent review of your contracts with customers, using deposits, and methods of collecting payment sooner. We may be able to help improve cash generation and in doing so help you create some breathing space from increasingly tight overdraft limits.

Cost saving, downsizing and redundancy

Although never a favourite thing to consider, taking protective action against the threat to your business of falling turnover pushing you towards the business' break-even point or even below it has become an essential exercise in recent times. Cutting costs without damaging your business and the service you provide can be a tricky point of balance, but for assistance in drawing up a list of proposals, or perhaps an independent review of your proposals before putting them into action, please contact us in complete confidence. 

Stock management

As with debtors, stock often ties up valuable cash. Managing stock can be incredibly effective, not only giving immediate gains in positive cashflow, but also in reducing risks from a number of sources, offering permanent benefits. Stock is an area which often gets out of control, so if you feel you could benefit from better control, or increasing stock efficiencies, initial consultations are totally free and could be incredibly beneficial.

Business Healthchecks

You know your business better than anyone, but a Business Healthcheck will look into many different aspects of your organisation and give recommendations aimed entirely at making your business stronger and more profitable. With a day to day involvement, it is all too easy for things to become the norm, where a fresh pair of eyes can often generate observations and discussions that help lead you into making positive change and, in its best form, help re-stimulate the motivation of you and your staff.

Restructuring options

Confidential analysis of your balance sheet can drill down into issues involving asset strategies and funding, but also consider such issues as renegotiating bank and shareholder relationships to produce more efficient utilisation of assets and reduce the costs involved in servicing expensive overdrafts and loans, apart from possibly helping provide a stronger platform from which to operate the business. The solution will be different in every individual case, but to discuss the potential of a review, please contact us. A free Business Healthcheck may be available, as detailed above, which would provide a similar, though usually less detailed Balance sheet review. If this may be of interest to you, then our contact details are on the Make contact pages.


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